About Us

Albarq Programming & Electronics Company
Is a private limited company established in Ramallah, Palestine in 1993 by a group of Engineers.

The aims of the company where to involve in sales, maintenance and installation of computer and other related equipment, installation and maintenance of electronic systems like alarm systems, CCTV systems, and computer networks, as well as design and implement software systems for the local and international market.

Added to that the previous knowledge and expertise of our engineers, we have managed to prepare all electronic installations in various establishments in Pelastine, in 1994 thru to 1996. This includes computer networks, burglar alarm, fire alarm & extinguishers, cctv systems and telephone exchange networks.

On the software side, we started building our own accounting and inventory control system in 1995, based on our vast experience in programming. On the other hand we produced a school management system which was sold to various schools & educational establishments around the country. We also produced a complete system for the Palestinian Ministry of Education for management of Tawjihi exams and results. That program was used in the MOE from the years 1995 until 2000.

As from January,1996 we started marketing our inventory & general accounting system AL-DIWAN under DOS environment. Since then we have installed more than 600 copies in various companies & establishments in Palestine.

AL-DIWAN included modules in accounting, stock control, payroll, production and other specialized modules all worked within the same system.

As from the start of the year 2006, our work was largely focused on producing a more sophisticated financial system on the Windows environment using the JAVA programming language, a huge and powerful tool for building powerful applications.

Towards the end of 2006 the first launch of the new system has emerged, covering all areas of the general ledger, inventory control, accounts receivables, accounts payable and financial reporting. The system works as a single copy on the client machine or as part of local computer network as a network copy.

The same system was developed to be run on the Web as an online copy which enables clients to work on their own data from anywhere in the world. We are also happy to customize the system for any client who wants his program and data on his own server machine to be run as an enterprise edition from anywhere in the world.

The system has evolved to cover different types of businesses, so we produced modules for establishments like commercial establishments, non-profit organizations, warehouses, insurance agents, money exchangers, auditors, gas stations, factories, municipalities and local councils and others, and still evolving.