// ALBARQ Programming & Electronics Co.


AL-BARQ Programming Company is a leading software company,established in 1993 in Ramallah as a private limited company.

The company develops software for the local market and for various types of businesses. Our accounting & financial management system 'AL-DIWAN' is well known in Palestine

It serves almost all business categories from commercial, non-profit, point-of-sale, factories, insurance agents, auditors, money exchangers, car maintenance workshops, car lease, municipalities and local councils.

It has the options to facilitate the daily work of all above-mentioned establishments.

The system works as a single copy, network copy or online over the internet.

We also produced different types of software ranging like the school management system, 'Tawjihi' management system for the Palestinian Ministry of Education (1994-2000), special system for car testing and authentication for Almasri Dinamometer Est., and finally a system for management of college student registration and marks entry called 'Tasjeel'.

As from the start of its establishment, our company has managed to build a network of satisfied customers all over Palestine.

Our main aim was and will always be good service, which means in this context fast response to customer problems and the ability to solve them in zero time.