Al - Dynamo
A program to enable registration and testing of vehicles and authenticate those who passed the mechanical test and stamp the license on the vehicle document , the program does enables management of other maintenance services offered by the establishment.

It gives different report of cars who passed or padded the tests either in detail or gross by day and vehicle categories .

Financial report of these operation are also provided .

Restaurant Management System
The system was built to help restaurant staff to control the orders in side the restaurant by registering order for each table easily and quickly using a normal touch screen.

The orders are sent immediately to the kitchen through a small thermal printer.

Check out is made by a touch of a bottom and receipt is premed for the customer on the check out thermal printer.

The system also handles takeaway meals with ease in this operation arecipt is primed for the customer.

Offers a comprehensive and integrated set of tools to effectively manage all financial processes in any commercial or non-profit organization.